Whatever food we see around us, there are some essential elements in it. It is necessary to have them for health, otherwise your body will stop working or you will start facing problems. This is the reason why you should eat the fruits and vegetables around you carefully.

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This is because many times our body does not need some elements, but in the process of trying, we increase the amount of any one element, which causes damage. Health and health-related problems are one of the reasons for this and if a small mistake is made then you may face problems.

Whatever choice you make for yourself determines your health and hence it is important that you choose only the right things. A big question is how does one determine which fruit and which vegetable is good for which element. If you are also in this dilemma, then let us solve your problem.

List of vitamins in fruits and vegetables

Vitamin A - Vitamin A is found in fruits like mango, papaya and persimmon. It is important to note here that apart from these, vitamin A is also found in many fruits.

Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 is found in abundance in cashews, walnuts, almonds or pineapple and it is considered very good for health.

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Vitamin B2: Vitamin B2 is found in fruits like Bael, Papaya, Cashew and Litchi. You can cure your health by consuming them.

Vitamin C: You get vitamin C in abundance in cherry, amla, guava, lemon, lime and sweet orange. Their consumption will make your body fit.